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Psychotherapy via telehealth - for the Pandemic, and beyond.
Welcome - I'm now accepting new clients for teletherapy!
Life poses many challenges and prompts many personal changes, and at some point you may have begun to wonder, "How did I get HERE? Is it okay to have been the person I am?  Where do I go now - and what shall I do with the rest of my life?" That's normal and natural, and often we can answer these questions on our own.

But the deadly pandemic gripping the world today has no doubt upended many, if not most, of your plans for the immediate future and you may sometimes doubt your ability to adapt to the demands of this ever-changing new reality. Political strife, social upheaval and environmental concerns have all added to our collective sense of dis-ease. 

You may have managed to put off grappling with other, more personal issues while involved in life pursuits such as becoming educated, pairing up with a partner, raising a family, striving for career success, 'getting ahead', and more.  But if the issues persist - and increasingly, the world doesn't make sense - please know that there is nothing 'wrong' with you for feeling out of sorts in these turbulent times.  You don't have to struggle alone:  help is as close as your computer screen.  Please reach out and make an appointment, or message me if you'd like to chat about your situation. Just send me your name and a good time to talk.

I work with individual adults in the midlife transition, lawyers and healthcare professionals undergoing work-related stress, creative artists needing help with regulating emotions, energy and attention, people who are childless and seeking meaning in life through other outlets, LBGTQIA+ people pursuing greater self-acceptance, people who want to live well with disability and/or caregiving, people who are grieving or whose lives have been adversely affected by trauma, and  people seeking a more fulfilling sense of spirituality and meaning.  All of these issues can be worked through and resolved, with understanding and compassion. 

I accept a number of insurance benefits and have a reasonable out-of-pocket fee schedule.
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​After Despair, the one thing left is possibility. - Rollo May