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Psychotherapy just for people in mid-life and beyond.
Midlife ushers in many personal changes - some welcome, others less so.  One which we often encounter involves the nature of the questions we contemplate. We may begin to wonder, "How did I get HERE? Is it okay to have been the person I am?  Where do I go now - and what shall I do with the rest of my life?"  WE MAY FEEL AS THOUGH WE ARE LIVING LIVES THAT OTHERS - NOT WE OURSELVES - HAVE SCRIPTED.  

We may have noticed these questions stirring in our psyches for years but managed to put off grappling with them while dealing with other, then more important concerns - becoming educated, pairing up with a partner, raising a family, striving for career success, 'getting ahead', and more.  Now our concerns differ.  Our bodies are changing - not always for the better.  Grown children may be getting ready to fly from the nest or returning home unexpectedly.  Parents are aging and need our help.  Lifelong friends may drift away. Marriages or other committed relationships are tested, sometimes to the breaking point.  Career advancement prospects may have seemed to diminish, or we may find that we no longer have the resources to comfortably enjoy the carefree environment we once believed to be the reward for a productive working life. We seek to develop other interests, but may lack the drive to follow through. Political strife, social upheaval and environmental concerns add to our sense of dis-ease. We begin to lose faith in what we previously may have held sacred.  We may now regret some of the life choices we made in earlier years, when we thought the world was our oyster.  

Perhaps we are beginning to experience the nagging feeling that these and other issues can no longer be put off and to long for a safe place in which to examine our lives, regroup and resolve how to move forward.    If you are one of 'us',  you just might find that place here.   
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"The self is not something one finds.  It is something one creates". - Thomas Szasz