Your Mindful Counselor - Suellen Fagin-Allen, JD, LMHC
2101 Park Center Drive, Orlando, Florida  32835 - Telephone 407-432-3034
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Now is the time.
I know you'll call me if you believe that you can change your life for the better and that the time to do that is now.   If you know that you have inner resources and strengths that are waiting to be tapped and utilized in service to the goal of living, loving, working and recreating with more spirit and authenticity.  If you've learned that living small serves neither you nor the people about whom you care the most.  Because you are ready to let go  of suffering and embrace the fullness this life has to offer.   Because you are ready, I am ready to help.
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"The self is not something one finds.  It is something one creates". - Thomas Szasz