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About Therapy - and You!
My guess is that if you've hung in with me this far, you might think we'd be a good fit in a therapeutic relationship.  I hope so!  What follows is a general description of client accomplishments as a result of motivation, hard work and a successful therapeutic alliance with me as their partner.  If you see yourself in any of these descriptions, please phone or e-mail me with your contact information.  I'll call you to briefly discuss your situation, whether we're a good "fit" and, if not, some recommendations  for other therapists, programs or resources you could look into.  And, just so you'll know whether to call another helping professional, rather than me, let me share that I work with individuals only and with adults only.  I don't do marriage or family counseling and I don't provide advice on child-rearing.  I have colleagues who do all of these very skillfully and will be happy to recommend them,

Some of the successes my previous clients have derived from therapy follow:​

They learned that moods are temporary, not forever - and developed the ability to ride out the painful ones.

They developed the ability to manage panic by shutting down their bodies' fight-or-flight reaction to situations that were not really dangerous.

They became able to befriend their anxiety and use it as an ally, not an enemy.

They maintained motivation to get and stay clean and sober, so they could break the "sick and tired of being sick and tired" cycle.

They replaced other negative and self-destructive habits with positive, helpful ones because they learned to accept "backsliding" as part of the change process.

They decided to stay in or to leave challenging  or disruptive work settings because they learned that work did not have to define them.

They set off on bold new ventures because they became confident in their abilities to tolerate uncertainty and change.

They left unproductive, negative or harmful relationships because they understood that the only people they could change were themselves.

How would you like to change?  Is now the time? 

The present moment is filled with happiness.  If you
are attentive, you will see it. - Thich Nhat Hanh