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I am currently contracted to provide virtual psychotherapy services through Comprehensive MedPsych Systems.  To set up an appointment with me, please call their Intake Department at the number above.   If you are in an emergency situation, please call the Crisis Hotline (407-665-2300) or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.
Practice limited to individual adults only.
Suellen Fagin-Allen,  LMHC, PA
Comprehensive MedPsych Systems
2101 Park Center Drive
Orlando, FL  32835  
Intake - 407-523-1213
Hours:  Wed - Fri, 11am - 6pm
Effective January, 2022
"(T)he only way to begin the real journey of life is to feel the ground of loving-kindness and respect for yourself and then to leap." 
Pema Chodron, No Time to Lose